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Devon LTA Report


This is the annual report about the activity of Devon LTA and our part therein.


This year has seen a consolidation of the work done last year with the new staff bedding in and their efforts bearing fruit. The Junior teams are performing well, the highlight being the Boys U14 getting to the national final, only losing on a championship tie break.


The Whirlwind Tour for U8 and U10 continues its successful run and we have introduced the Nexus tour for those U12 and U16 players  who want to play competitive tennis but are not quite of county squad standard. Feedback has been remarkably positive and we will be adding a couple of female only doubles events this year.


The county runs veterans teams at a number of age groups from Over 35s to Over 75s for both men and ladies. Feel free to get in contact with Catriona if you want to know more about getting involved in the county vets setup or feel that someone in your club might be of a suitable standard.


Wimbledon tickets. Once again the number of tickets for clubs will be based on the number of opted-in members. You need to remember that members must opt-in each year, it does not automatically roll over to the next year.  If your members are having problems registering online, try the LTA helpline on 020 8487 7000. Remember the deadline date is 14th February.


The county appreciates the effort made by clubs to meet the new welfare officer and safeguarding requirements for registration, including coaches being accredited where necessary. Please remember that this will continue in the future and that its not just a tick box exercise but should be engrained into the clubs culture. Be aware that clubs will be audited to check on compliance with the regulations.



Andy Malcolm