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1) The League shall be known as "The Exeter and District Lawn Tennis League".

2)  The Headquarters of the League shall be in Exeter.

3)  The management of the League shall be vested in an Executive Committee, which shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Match Secretary, Treasurer, and up to six other members, with power to co-opt as necessary.

4)  All clubs must be registered with the Lawn Tennis Association before playing in the League.

5)  Any club seeking election or re-election to the League must:

a)  Make an application to the Secretary.

b)  Obtain a two-thirds majority at the Annual General Meeting.

c)  If accepted start in the lowest Division.

6)  The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel any team or member of the League whose conduct in their opinion is detrimental to the interests of the League.

 If any team falsifies a score card, the captain, or person responsible, will be suspended from the League for a period of  one year, or longer at the discretion of the committee.

7)   a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held before 15th April, upon 14 days notice being given.

b)  All clubs shall notify the Match Secretary of the teams they wish to enter during the forthcoming season on the form provided.

8)  a) Clubs with multiple teams in the league who wish to withdraw a team from a higher division can only do so in exceptional circumstances and with the Executive Committee's approval.  If approval is not given, then the lowest team will be withdrawn.

 b) Unless there are exceptional circumstances, if a Club enters a team, but then withdraws  that team before it has played any matches, the maximum number of teams that the Club will be able to enter in the following season will be the number that fulfilled their fixtures in the preceding season.

9)  One member from each club shall be allowed to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

10)  The League subscriptions shall be decided at each Annual General Meeting, payable to the Treasurer not later than the Registration date of April 7th for the summer league.

11)  The League shall consist of such Divisions as the Executive Committee may decide.

12)  The League shall make awards to the winning teams of each Division.

13)  Clubs or individuals holding permanent trophies of the League must provide security for their safe keeping and return when requested.

14)  Promotion and Relegation shall be:
a)  Automatic two up and two down in all divisions, except when there are only 5 teams in consecutive divisions in which case it will only be one up and one down between these divisions.

b)  If moving teams up to create more even-sized divisions, first the team finishing 3rd in the lower division will be promoted.  Before promoting a team that finished 4th, the team 2nd from bottom in the higher division will not be relegated, before promoting a team that finished 5th, the team that finished bottom in the higher division will not be relegated

c)  A team withdrawing from the League before playing a match will be deemed to have not entered and will not affect promotion or relegation. Other teams may be promoted or relegated where appropriate, to ensure equal numbers of teams in each Division.

d) (1) Teams failing to raise four eligible players for two matches or more during the season shall be relegated by one Division and teams in the lowest Division must apply for re-election the following season. 

d (2) Teams failing to raise four eligible players for three matches or more during the season, or  withdrawing from the league after playing a match, will have all their results expunged and must apply for re-election the next year to join the bottom division.  They will be counted as a relegated team for promotion and relegation purposes.

15)  In the event of a "Tie" between two or more teams, League placings will be decided as follows:
a)  The team with fewer matches forfeited.
b)  The team with the most wins.
c)  The team with the most draws
d)  In the matches played between the teams,the team with the most sets won.
e)  In the matches played between the teams, the team with the most games won.
f)   If still level - a play off - on a neutral ground chosen by the Executive Committee.

16)  The Match Secretary has full power to enforce the League rules with regard to matches.

17)  Any proposed amendments to rules must be sent to the Secretary by 1st February each season.

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