Committee Minutes



Wednesday 3 February 2016 at 7.00 pm at Buckerell Lodge




The Meeting was attended by approximately 40 people, including representatives of all but 5 of the clubs, and members of the Committee. In Andy Malcolms absence, Pete Clarke (Acting Chairman) welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Roger Wilkins (Honorary Vice President) and Justin Kraushar (Chairman of Devon LTA).


1.       Apologies

Teignmouth, Samford Peverell, Woodbury, Dawlish, Chagford 

Andy Malcolm           Chairman

Joan Bowden             Committee member

Rosemary Browne   Committee member/Winter League Match Secretary

Phil Dimmick              Torquay TC

Graham Malin           Teignmouth


2.       Minutes of AGM on Wednesday 4 February 2015

The minutes were agreed and signed by the Peter Clarke, Acting Chairman.  Proposed by Catriona Batty, seconded by Wendy Smith and agreed unanimously.

3.       Matters arising 

There were no matters arising. 


4.       Presentation of Trophies (Annex 1)

The trophies for the 2015 Summer League were presented by Justin Kraushar. Justin is a member of Victoria Park TC and has held the post of A team captain. For the past two years Justin has been captain of the county vets over 35s team and is also captain of the mens county cup team. Last Wednesday, at the Devon LTA AGM, Justin was elected Chairman of Devon LTA.


Justin gave a short talk about how he is very pleased to be involved in Devon tennis and has been made to feel very welcome. He asked clubs to email him with any questions relating to Devon tennis. He reminded clubs of the LTA initiative after winning the Davis Cup, nominating their coaches. 


Trophy winners for Summer Leagues 2015





Teignmouth A

Torquay A


Torquay C

Torquay B


Tipton St John A

Kingsteignton A


David Lloyd Exeter A



Teignmouth B



Torquay D

Seaton C





Victoria Park E





5.       Chairman’s report (Annex 1)

Peter Clarke read out Andy Malcolm’s report.  There were no questions or comments.


6.       Treasurer’s report and confirmation of fees

Catriona Batty (Treasurer) circulated her report in advance of the meeting. Catriona proposal for the summer league fees to increase to £5 per team and winter league fees to remain at £3 per team was seconded by Maureen Sowerby and it was unanimously agreed. There were no questions.


7.       Match Secretary’s report (Annex 2)

Maureen read her report out to clubs. She reminded clubs that registrations forms should be fully completed and returned by 7th April 2016.


There is concern over men’s divisions conceding their matches, and possibly falsifying score cards. She reminded clubs to make sure they allow enough time and know the route to away matches. If they are unable to raise a team, they should check the website for opposing captain’s details and make sure they are warned as soon as possible, preferably by phone. Maureen should not be asked to be a go-between re this.


Maureen will always acknowledge emails etc, so if there is no response from her then she will not have received it. She asked clubs not to take photos from phones of score cards due to printing costs.  The form for Captain’s details should be sent to her by 15th February 2016, with as much information as possible, amendments can be made later. Maureen will collate information and circulate to clubs and put on website. Emails will not go on the website because of spam issues etc.


Despite the rules and regulations, Maureen wished clubs a successful season and enjoyable tennis and thanked the committee for their support. She thanked everyone for coming and welcomed the new teams.


Peter Clarke thanked Maureen for her hard work and tremendous job she is doing for the league.


8.       Composition of leagues for 2016

The suggested composition of leagues was published on the website prior to the meeting.


Ladies: David Lloyd D and Sidford B have withdrawn from the league and two new teams, Dawlish and Lympstone B, have entered the league in Div 6. The rule of two teams up and two down was applied. Peter Clarke proposed, Nicki Keele seconded and carried unanimously.


Men’s: Unfortunately at start of the season two teams withdrew from Div 3 leaving a small division. It was necessary to give extra promotions to fill gap. Three teams have withdrawn and there are four new teams (David Lloyd C, Dawlish C, Newton Abbot B, NSC’s D).


Rod Peers (Kingsteignton) explained their decision for wanting to reduce their teams from 5 to 4 was due to their reduction of players available for matches, mainly the old D team.  He asked that Kingsteignton (Div 6) be withdrawn rather than Kingsteignton E (Div 8). The committee recommended this for the AGM to vote on. Matthew Wheadon proposed, Wendy Smith seconded and it was carried unanimously.  The team will be renamed Kingsteignton D.

Peter Clarke emphasised that clubs need to be realistic about the number of players available.  Because the men’s divisions are top heavy will the full eight teams in the top two divisions, should there be any withdrawals next year and no teams to replace them, then in some divisions more than two teams may be relegated to even up the leagues.


Allowing the six new teams to enter the league was proposed by Justin Kraushar and seconded by Peter Clarke and it was unanimously agreed. The Torquay teams will be renamed and sorted.

The AGM agreed to the proposed divisions unanimously.


9.       Devon LTA Report (Annex 3)

Peter Clarke thanked Catriona Batty for reading out the Devon LTA Report (Annex 3). 


10.   Election of Officers and Committee

Wendy Smith is stepping down from the committee. Peter Clarke thanked Wendy Smith for all her work on the committee. The following Officers and Committee Members are willing to stand again. Proposed by Paul Carter, seconded Rod Peers and it was unanimously agreed. 


President:  Des Shears

Hon Vice President: Roger Wilkins

Chairman:  Andy Malcolm

Hon Treasurer:  Catriona Batty

Hon General Secretary: Nicki Keele

Summer League Match Secretary:  Maureen Sowerby

Winter Match Secretary:  Rosemary Browne

Committee:  Joan Bolden, Peter Clarke, Matthew Wheadon

Two new committee members: Steve Rattlidge (Kingsteington) and Trevor Blatchford (Tiverton)


11.   Proposals for changes to Rules (Annex 4)

 Rule 18: The following sentence to be added to para 1 - Late registration forms for a team will result in a 2 point fine, rising by 2 points per year thereafter”,  commencing this season.  Specified on the fixture list has been removed and notified to the match secretary has been added.   Wendy Hoare proposed, Will Tempest seconded and it was unanimously agreed.


Rule 23(e):  unless the player has not yet played a match to be added.  Tim Cartwright proposed, Matthew Wheadon seconded and it was unanimously agreed.


Winter League, Rule 18: There will be no extension to the summer league. Rule 18 will be monitored and discussed by the committee and could be reintroduced at the next AGM. Clubs suggested that it was up to them to manage their matches at the end of the summer season. Clubs will be prompted at the winter league AGM to avoid over-committing their players before their summer fixtures are completed.


Rule 14b: The sentence first the team finishing 3rd in the lower division is promoted to be added. Tim Cartwright proposed, Jane Comyns seconded and it was unanimously agreed.


12.   Any other business


Pete Clarke thanked all club representatives for attending the meeting and wished them a successful season.

The meeting closed at 8.20 pm


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