Committee Minutes



Wednesday 4 February 2015 at 7.00 pm at Buckerell Lodge 


The Meeting was attended by approximately 40 people, including representatives of all but 5 of the clubs, and members of the Committee. It was chaired by Andy Malcolm. 

1.       Apologies

Chagford, Cranford, Woodbury, Teign Valley, Kingsteignton,

Des Shears                  President

Catriona Batty           Treasurer

Joan Bolden               Committee Member


2.       Minutes of AGM on Wednesday 5 February 2014

The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

3.       Matters arising 

There were no matters arising.  

4.       Presentation of Trophies (Annex 1)

The trophies for the 2014 Summer League were presented by Kate Brown.  Andy Malcolm outlined her latest successful tennis achievements.  Andy Malcolm congratulated all the winners. He thanked Kate and presented her with a gift.    

5.       Chairman’s report (Annex 2)

There were no questions or comments.

6.       Treasurer’s report

Catriona Batty circulated her report in advance of the meeting. In Catriona’s absence, Andy Malcolm reported that the league still has a healthy balance, although income is down. Andy Malcolm’s proposal to increase the summer league team fees from £3 to £4 per team and the winter league fees to remain at £3 per team was seconded by Phil Plummer and accepted unanimously.  Payment for team fees must be in by 7th April 2015.  

7.       Match Secretary’s report (Annex 3)

Maureen reminded clubs that they have until 7th April 2015 to move their fixtures and to check the website after that date.  Matches start week commencing 13th April 2015. She also reminded clubs that players have to be registered by email or phone before 6.30 pm on the day of the match and must be confirmed in writing. Score cards can be downloaded off the website and she suggested photocopies be left in clubhouses. Please check scorecards carefully. She thanked committee for their help and support. Andy thanked Maureen for her hard work and presented her with a gift.


8.       Composition of leagues for 2015

The suggested composition of leagues was published on the website a week or so ago. The ladies have no new teams and therefore the rule of two up two down was applied. Andy Malcolm proposed, Maureen Sowerby seconded and it was unanimously agreed. Two teams, Tunnels B and Seaton C, have withdrawn from the mens’ league and a new team, Lympstone B, has entered into Division 8. After discussion Victoria Park agreed that their E team should be moved to Division 8, rather than pulling out, enabling Bovey Tracey B to remain in Division 7. Victoria Park D will be relegated to Division 7 thereby levelling out the leagues.  Tim Cartwright proposed, Matthew Wheadon seconded and it was unanimously agreed. Andy Malcolm thanked everyone for their help and support.  

9.       Devon LTA Report

Andy Malcolm outlined the changes in the LTA structure and Chris Bawden’s new role. He encouraged clubs to contact Chris, who is still based at Ivybridge, with any queries as a first point of contact.  Anyone interested in becoming an area representative on the Devon LTA Council should contact Andy.  He also explained the new Opting In system for Wimbledon tickets. The number of tickets will remain the same this year for clubs nationally, however for clubs it will depend on the number of their members opting in and therefore they should be encouraged to do so. The deadline has now been extended to 14th February 2015.

The three Great British Tennis Week-ends this year are taking place on 16th and 17th May, 13th and 14th June, 1st and 2nd August. Details have been sent to club contacts. Clubs who register should contact Chris Bawden for funding, resources eg banners and flyers.


10.   Election of Officers and Committee

The following Officers and Committee Members are willing to stand again and it was unanimously agreed that they be re-elected.  

President:  Des Shears

Chairman:  Andy Malcolm

Treasurer:  Catriona Batty

Summer Match Secretary:  Maureen Sowerby

Winter Match Secretary:  Rosemary Browne

Committee:  Joan Bolden, David Carter, Peter Clarke, Wendy Smith, Matthew Wheadon 

If anyone would like to join the committee they should contact Andy Malcolm.  

11.   Proposals for changes to Rules (Annex 4)

Peter Clarke proposed changes to Rule 15, David Carter seconded and it was unanimously agreed.

Maureen Sowerby proposed changes to Rule 18, Peter Clarke seconded and it was unanimously agreed.

Changes to Rule 21, 23, 30, 14 and 10 were proposed en bloc by David Carter, seconded by Peter Clarke and were unanimously agreed.

Rule 28 –Martin Truman outlined Sidmouth ladies team’s concerns over changing surfaces during matches. It was agreed that home clubs were within the rules to change the surface from grass to hard during fixtures. Andy Malcolm emphasised that it is the club’s responsibility to provide suitable courts for matches.


12.   Any other business


Andy Malcolm thanked all club representatives for attending the meeting and wished them a successful season.

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm

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